The Truth About What You Need to Improve Your Art – Only 5%

Procrastination is one of the most common problems we all have in our lives. It takes many different forms and often times it makes rational sense when we listen to the little voice telling us that we should do something else today rather than work on our work. A more insidious form of procrastination is the conviction that you need to get something before you can get started. Sometimes it could be as simple as getting a new tool – such as a pencil, brush, pen or paint. Hoping that because an art hero of yours uses the same material – that somehow the skill will be contained within that same tool and somehow, some of it will be transferred to you.

I’ve fallen into this trap many, many times. The truth is that you don’t need absolutely anything more than what you already have to get started and to make serious improvements. Chancer are even greater that you already have way too much and you’ll never even be able to go through all the books, courses and materials you’ve already accumulated. Scarcity with most of us is not the issue. It’s a glut of information and the desire for easy improvement or transference of skill by using the same tools as someone else uses… It doesn’t work. What you need is a new system, a more focused approach to your own work and to shut the noise off and get to work.

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