How Much Should You Work/Study Per Day if you Want to Be a Professional Artist – Common Myths and Burnout

I get asked about this very, very often. A lot of times the question comes coupled with a lot of confusion, frustration, feelings of not being good enough or the belief that the person will never make it. This then begins a cycle of procrastination, dabbling, anxiety and finally burnout. People begin putting off their work because it begins to build anxiety, they feel like they’ll never do everything that needs doing or that they can’t possibly learn all there is to know. They dip their tows in the work every once in a while, listen to stories about people working 10-15 hour days and soon enough they decide that maybe art isn’t for them.

In this video I hope to dispel a few myths about sleep, work, studying – how much you should be doing per day, should you go without sleep until you get better and sacrifice as much as you can in the hope that you’ll make it to the end faster? It’s the tortoise vs the hare over and again… and you know who wins the race.

A lot of info here and a lot of people have asked me about this, so I hope this gets to reach the people it needs to go to. You can do this, anyone can. Work hard and smart… and watch this video 🙂

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